Our curriculum is designed to ensure the learning that takes place at Portfield School is relevant, engaging and fun. It is shaped to provide a learning journey to best prepare pupils for the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities of adult life. We place a strong emphasis on addressing each individual’s social and emotional needs.

We recognise that children at Portfield have specific, diverse and individual needs and our curriculum aims to reflect and meet these. Our ultimate goal is that the children are enabled to be active learners who are moving towards independence, autonomy, control and choice and learning to effectively communicate their needs, wants, and opinions.

Our mission
Our mission is to support the education and personal development of each of our students and ensure that they can be active citizens enjoying maximum independence and good quality of life.

We aim for our curriculum to enable students at Portfield to:
  • Be able to communicate their needs, wants, opinions and thoughts through the most effective means for them
  • Be active learners
  • Develop their social skills so that they can engage and interact with others to the best of their ability
  • Develop skills for learning so that they can effectively access the curriculum
  • To access learning opportunities that are relevant coherent, broad and balanced
  • Be active and live a healthy lifestyle
  • Access a clearly structured day with routine which they can recognise and understand
  • Develop their skills to promote fuller participation in home, school and community life
  • Develop motor control and physical independence including the enjoyment of participating in a range of physical activities
Whole School Curriculum Values
Portfield School’s curricula have overarching values which develop the whole student thereby ensuring they achieve their full potential. The overarching values are:

Personal Learning skills
This is a set of 6 skills which enable the student to learn more effectively:
  • Independent enquiry skills 
  • Creative thinking skills 
  • Reflective learning skills
  • Team working skills 
  • Self-managing skills 
  • Effective participating skills
Personal Social Health and Education programs (PSHE)
PSHE helps pupils acquire the attitudes and values which are necessary if they are to make sense of their experiences, value themselves and respect others, appreciate both difference and diversity and feel confident and informed about themselves.

Learning Enrichment Activity Programme (LEAP)
We provide an exciting range of opportunities and experiences for students such as involvement in the school council, celebration days, talent shows, performances and plays. There is also a planned timetable of visitors to the school, such as the weekly visit from Harvey, a border cross collie who is loved by everyone who chooses to meet him. These help to promote greater community inclusion provide an opportunity for students’ voices to be heard and allow them to help shape the school’s development.

Educational visits
Our educational visits provide the opportunity for our students to gain real and meaningful experiences in the wider world beyond that of the school environment. They allow the students to use and apply the skills and knowledge, acquired within school, within the wider community. Furthermore, educational visits can help our students develop self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience, together with increased motivation for related work either pre-or post-visit.

Curriculum breakdown
Our curriculum is divided into 3 key areas: 
  • Lower Curriculum - EYFS -KS3 
  • Upper Curriculum - Key Stage 4
  • Post 16 Curriculum - Key Stage 5

Personalised approach
At Portfield School we see each of our students as an individual. Therefore when a student joins the school we aim to provide a personalised education programme which will ensure the student reaches their full potential in adult life, regardless of age and ability. Each student has a tailor-made educational programme termed TRAIL, which describes their Transition in Reaching the Aspirations of an Individual’s (their) Life.

Monitoring and Review
The Class Teachers are responsible for the day-to-day organisation of the curriculum. The Senior Leadership Team monitor the weekly lesson plans, ensuring that all classes are taught to their full requirements of the agreed schemes of work and that all lessons have appropriate learning objectives.

The Senior Leadership Team will monitor the way in which the subjects are delivered throughout the school. They examine long-term and medium-term planning and ensure that appropriate teaching strategies are used. Class Teachers also have responsibility for monitoring the way in which resources are stored and managed.
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